Confex HQ

  • The facility was temporarily shut in April following a sudden fall in sales

  • Confex will make the facility available to all UK wholesalers, with an extended credit facility and product range


Confex is set to reopen its central distribution function after a month’s closure.

The buying group temporarily shut the facility in Pershore, Worcestershire in April on the back of a sudden fall in sales due to the coronavirus crisis.

Staff working in the warehouse were either reassigned to other parts of the business or furloughed.

The group said it was now in a position to start it up again thanks to strong support from its suppliers.

Confex is also making it available to all UK wholesalers, rather than just its own members. It will also be offering wholesalers an extended credit facility and an extended product range

“All our suppliers have been very supportive and we look forward to now continuing the growth we have experienced during our 12 years of trading,” said Confex Central Distribution director James Loffet.

“The new improved service offering extended credit along with range extensions will be key for our customers to help them get back on their feet following Covid-19.”

Confex chairman Martin Williams added: “The Confex central distribution service has long been the envy of some of our buy-ing group competitors and we are delighted to resume trading so quickly after the short suspension.

“The offer benefits our suppliers, our members, and other wholesalers so it should be a great success. We look forward to developing our volume and distribution with suppliers and wholesalers alike.”