FWD cash and carry crime

The Federation of Wholesale Distributors has recieved Metropolitan Police backing for its long-running cash & carry crime awareness campaign.

The trade body has been working with the Met Police and the National Business Crime Centre to produce updated leaflets and posters for the campaign, outlining actions which retailers can take to prevent their belongings being stolen.

Wholesalers already take extensive steps to prevent crime on their premises, including employing security guards and dog patrols in vulnerable areas.

However, the organisation said although the risk of criminal activity was extremely low, retailers should ensure their vehicles were locked, not leave purchases unattended while loading and be aware of people watching them.

“FWD has been working with the Metropolitan Police and the National Business Crime Centre to raise awareness of the potential for criminal activity on cash & carry car parks,” said FWD communications director David Visick.

“These posters in the car parks and leaflets distributed at the reception desk are a reminder to customers to take some simple precautions to protect themselves and their purchases.

“We’ve heard stories of a cash & carry customer leaving £5000 in cash in plain view on the front seat of their van, and of someone leaving a trolley-load of cigarettes and alcohol unattended beside their vehicle while they went back inside for another.”

Darren Conway of FWD security partner Lodge Service said: “Crime can be stopped by collaboration between wholesalers, security providers, the police, and business crime reduction partnerships.

“Accurate and timely data and intelligence is the key, and that’s why it’s so important all incidents are reported.”