Local Artisan Suppliers 1

Source: Henderson Wholesale

Gareth McAnlis, fresh foods development manager at Henderson Wholesale (R) is pictured with David Crawford, co-founder of Just Live a Little

Henderson Wholesale is ramping up its local sourcing credentials with the addition of 13 artisanal producers.

The Northern Irish Spar operator will list a total of 53 new products in 28 Eurospar supermarkets this month ahead of a wider rollout planned for next year.

The additional lines cover preserves, granola, free-range eggs, sauces, smoked meats, bacon, cooking oil and butter from suppliers including Broighter Gold, Just Live a Little, Suki Tea, Kennedy Bacon and Ditty’s Bakery.

Henderson Wholesale said more than 75% of its fresh food came from local farmers, growers and producers.

The launch will be supported with an integrated marketing rollout across Hendersons’ brand platforms, and retailers will see the new range for the first time at the annual retailer conference next month.

“It’s a well-known fact that we have some of the world’s best food crafters in Northern Ireland, and it is important that wholesalers such as ourselves draw on our local roots and ensure we’re helping smaller companies succeed in a busy marketplace,” said Henderson Wholesale fresh foods development manager Gareth McAnlis.

“The fresh team at Hendersons meet food producers from across the country who have innovative products to put to market but are struggling with that first step. As a local wholesaler and retailer, we have the operations and logistics in place to help, and make it happen for them.”

David Crawford, founder of granola supplier Just Live A Little, said: “To partner with one of the biggest wholesalers and retailers in Northern Ireland enables us to grasp an opportunity for growth.

“Hendersons has proven its commitment to local and we’re proud to be part of its local supplier roster and sit on the shelves of their local stores. Extending our stockist list is a valuable part of our business, so knowing we have the potential to reach so many stores in Northern Ireland is exciting and we’re looking forward to progressing.”