JJ Foodservice Skinless Haddock Fillets

JJ Food Service has launched a new range of premium frozen fish.

The wholesaler now offers individually quick frozen cod, haddock, plaice and line-caught fish, including lines from the Atlantic.

“Our partnership with Unique Seafood has enabled us to significantly expand our offer to include these premium products at competitive prices,” said JJ Food Service chief products officer Ali Guvemli.

The line-caught cod and haddock is from JJ’s Froyannnes vessel. It is caught by towing up to 40,000 baited hooks along 60,000 metres of line at a time as a more sustainable method than large trawling nets.

“The fish are less stressed so you end up with a better-quality product. The line-caught skinless and boneless cod is the perfect premium option for chippies,” said Guvemli.

“Each fillet is frozen separately from all the others, helping to support portion control and reduce food waste. Freezing can help to retain vitamins and minerals and can be lower-cost than fresh varieties.”

The range is available from 4oz to 32oz and is caught, processed and frozen at sea, which gives caterers consistent access to seasonal fish all year round.