JJ Foodservice 22

JJ Foodservice has rolled out its popular Pay by Bank system for payments in-depot.

Customers will be able to pay directly from their bank accounts at the counter, without incurring any extra fees.

When at checkout, the card terminal shows an option to use Pay by Bank. If selected, the terminal creates a QR code customers can scan with their phone, which takes them directly to their banking app for approval.

The process works similarly to a card payment made online, allowing customers to make significant annual savings by not paying transaction fees.

JJ made Pay by Bank available for its online customers in 2022 to address rising credit card fees.

The transition to open banking, via provider Trustly, has resulted in “significant annual savings” for the wholesaler, which estimates more than 55% of JJ customers now use Pay by Bank for their purchases.

The new in-branch Pay by Bank is currently available at JJ’s Wimbledon and Enfield branches, with plans underway to extend the service to all 10 remaining branches.

“We’re all about making things easy and affordable for our customers,” said JJ Foodservice chief technology officer Mike Dudley.

“Pay by Bank offers a cost-effective way to pay, which allows us to redirect savings back to them so they can concentrate on running their businesses.”

Jussi Lindberg, chief revenue officer at Trustly, added: “Open banking payments are quickly becoming the preferred payment method, and we’re excited to enhance the checkout experience for JJ Foodservice customers.

“They can now improve conversion rates, make huge savings, and deliver top-quality service.”