Makro is enjoying its highest-ever availability, profits and customer satisfaction levels since being acquired by Booker, the wholesaler’s managing director Steve Blan claimed this week.

Speaking on a press tour of Booker’s test-bed joint Booker/Makro depot in Sheffield this week, Blan, who runs Makro for Booker, said while it was still early days, progress was “so far, so good”.

Blan said sales were “stable” and that profit-wise, it had just had “the best half-year performance we’ve had,” despite removing 35,000 sq ft of space to accommodate a Booker delivery area and a new offer for Booker retail customers.

Blan also described stocks as “ahead of goal” and claimed the wholesaler’s availability reached a record high last week.

After four quarterly surveys, customer satisfaction in Makro’s 30 depots had “progressed each time” and were “the best it’s ever been,” he added.

Booker acquired Makro in May last year and ran the business separately until the Competition Commission approved the deal in April. Makro reported a loss of £18m in the year to 31 December 2012 and a 9.1% drop in sales to £715m.