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Source: Pricecheck

Wholesale distributor Pricecheck has reported significant growth in its export sales, with figures now exceeding pre-Brexit levels.

The Sheffield-based business, which sells to more than 100 countries worldwide, achieved growth of 44% in export sales in the financial year to 30 April 2023.

It takes the company’s international turnover to around £54m, up from £37.5m last year and £50m in 2020, before the Brexit withdrawal agreement began to impact trade.

Pricecheck’s growth in export sales has been accelerated by its fast-growing Belgian subsidiary, which routed 90% of EU orders for Pricecheck throughout the financial year. The company established the Belgian subsidiary in October 2020 to safeguard its exports post-Brexit.

“Pricecheck’s exporting success comes down to the hard work of our specialist team,” said Pricecheck joint MD Debbie Harrison.

“By sourcing new opportunities across the globe, we have increased export turnover – and now we’re in a stronger trading position than ever before.”

“It’s refreshing and exciting that, after a few years of constant challenges, it feels as though there is light at the end of the tunnel, and Pricecheck is not only surviving but thriving in a post-Brexit world.”

The strong export figures place the company on track to meet its target of £200m turnover by 2026. Last year, sales stood at around the £113m mark.