Pernod Ricard has blocked a rival from using a trademark which it claimed was too similar to its Wild Turkey brand.

The drinks giant objected to a new US winery using the name Wild Canary because it said consumers would wrongly assume that the wines originated from its stable.

In a bid to avert legal action, Pernod Ricard wrote to the vineyard in Washington, voicing its “disapproval” before the wine company eventually settled on the name Lone Canary.

Sandrine Ricard, Pernod
Ricard’s PR director in the US, said: “We haven’t taken any legal action but voiced our objections in a letter. They dropped the name of their own accord.

“The fact that they did was an admission that it was a bit close to our trademark.

“People say that there wouldn’t have been confusion over turkey and canary, but our brand is a quality bourbon and there could have been associations with it.

“We launch new brands all the time and sometimes have to change names because they are already registered.”