Wilkinson Sword has denied it plans to withdraw from shaving gels and foams despite a tie-up with shaving preparations rival King of Shaves.

In the promotional link, Wilkinson Sword’s Xtreme 3 disposable triple-bladed razor will be strapped to packs of King of Shaves’ men’s shaving gels over the summe in selected retailers.

However, Wilkinson Sword’s business director, David Bainbridge, insisted it was a one-off promotion and not a global link-up with King of Shaves. “We’re not writing off shaving preparations.”

Wilkinson Sword, which invested heavily in last year’s launch of its four-blade razor Quattro, accounts for only 1% of the shaving preparations market while King of Shaves does not market a razor.

Bainbridge insisted the promotion would not impinge on Wilkinson Sword’s existing foams and gels business.

Wilkinson Sword is using the promotion to sample its Xtreme 3 razor to King of Shaves’ consumers, who are a similar fit, according to Bainbridge. “We have very limited distribution and market share in shaving foams and gels, so it was an opportunity to reach our target market,” he added. “We’re not teaming up to take on Gillette.”