Kellogg's is poised to unveil the first advertising support for its new kids confectionery brand Real Fruit Winders. The TV ads, which break on June 4, will feature the three brand characters (related to the three product flavours): Strawberry Sorbabe, Orange Blabber and Blackcurrant Booster. Coupled with the interactive web site, the aim is to create as much buzz in the playground as Pokémon did. And because the product (strips of fruit confectionery wound up in a comic strip wrapper) is made with 50% real fruit, the aim is to get both "kids appeal and mum's approval", according to UK sales director Stephen Twaddell. He said that 27 million units had been sold since the launch in January ­ and that's without any advertising support. He added that the distribution wrinkles which appeared in February have now been smoothed out and that the new ad campaign would send sales "through the roof". He predicts that Real Fruit Winders has the potential to become a £25m-30m brand and one of the top 10 sugar confectionery brands within its first year. Fruit snacks are big in the US where the category is worth $450m. {{MARKETING - P&P }}