Nestlé Rowntree has created a big freeze for winter with frosty variants of Fruit Pastilles, Smarties and Milkybar Buttons for kids. Available for a "limited period only", the new variants are launched on Monday (October 22) in frosty packaging bearing the names Frost Pastilles, Smarctic Smarties and Milkybrrr Buttons. Inside the packs, Smarties become icy coloured with a white chocolate centre, Buttons are shaped like snowflakes and Pastilles have chilly ice cream and sorbet fruit flavours. All retain their standard rsps and are packed in a 48-count outer. Graham Walker, Nestlé Rowntree sales communications manager, commented: "Research shows that kids want novelty, variety and, above all, fun from their sweets so they love promotions like this. "Retailers should make the most of the opportunity." {{P&P }}