Blokey peanut brand Nobby's Nuts is being updated with a new look and ranges designed to broaden the appeal to women.

PepsiCo, which is giving the brand vibrant new pack graphics, has added varieties to the line-up, including premium almonds with Japanese wasabi & soy, premium almonds with lime'n'chilli, premium cashews with Indian spice and premium cashews with sweet chilli.

Nobby's will also be available in resealable 'big bag' pouches, for those wanting to share.

"We have found Nobby's Nuts are as appealing to women as they are to men and this launch is designed to broaden their appeal further still," said Walkers' marketing manager Cath Kietz.

"By offering a more varied and exciting range we aim to grow the in-home sharing occasion for nuts."

The introduction of the premium range represents a change of direction for PepsiCo with its Nobby's brand, which has traditionally played on its appeal as a masculine snack.

The company has previously run brand promotions around key male events such as the World Cup, when it ran a promotion offering ten winners the chance to run a pub for an evening.

The market for nuts grew 8.2% to £258m in the year to 25 February 2007, according to data from TNS.

"PepsiCo research shows that only one third of total nut sales in grocery are from peanuts. The introduction of premium cashews and almonds along with our existing range of coated and premium peanuts means that Nobby's now offers something for everyone," said Kietz. "It's an incredibly exciting time for the nuts sector."

Meanwhile, Nobby's Cuts, the meat snack brand

extension, is currently being phased out.