Jygsaw Brands has spruced up the livery of cider brand Woodpecker with a retro design to recapture its "original heritage".

The packaging will now feature an intricately illustrated woodpecker on its traditional red background, and the reintroduction of the signature of original owner HP Bulmer signifying the drink's original name from more than 100 years ago - Bulmers Woodpecker Cider, which was ditched in a revamp last year. The redesign would "seize the opportunity to recapture the brand's distinctive heritage positioning", said John Edwards, marketing director for Jygsaw Brands. "Woodpecker has a strong heritage but sometimes you have to go backwards and understand what made an iconic brand famous in the first place in order to move it forwards again ."

Jygsaw Brands was set up by S&N in February 2008 to look after the company's 'heritage brands' .