Star man: Franck Ribéry (Bayern Munich)
Odds: 16-1
Biggest local supermarket: Carrefour
Fascinating food and drink facts: The French eat 70,000 horses a year - a fraction of the 4.7 million horses eaten globally. Horse contains 40% fewer calories than beef, but more protein. Its sweet taste suits spicy dishes, we hear. If this sounds unorthodox it's no worse than French coach Raymond Domenech's basing team selection on astrology.

Star man: Rafael Márquez (Barcelona)
Odds: 80-1
Local supermarket chain: Soriana
Fascinating food and drink facts: Agave has been harvested since the time of the Aztecs, but the worm is altogether more recent, first appearing in bottles of mezcal in the 1940s. Putting them in tequila is actually prohibited by Mexican authorities. However, the worms larvae of the Hipopta Agavis moth are considered a delicacy in some parts.

South Africa
Star man: Steven Pienaar (Everton)
Odds: 80-1
Biggest local supermarket: Shoprite
Fascinating food and drink facts: While local lager brew Castle is sponsoring the host nation's team, owner SAB Miller is working hard to combat alcohol abuse.

On the field the Bafana Bafana are up against it too, lacking the star power of rivals like Cameroon and the Ivory Coast. Luckily, they were brought up on biltong - it's even used as a teething aid.

Star man: Diego Forlán (Atlético Madrid)
Odds: 66-1
Biggest local supermarket: Disco-Casino
Fascinating food and drink facts: You would think banoffee pie was the national dish of Uruguay, so frequently will you find sickly sweet dulce de leche used in cookies, confectionery and cakes. Beans are also popular. Less well known is the fact gnocchi is eaten on the 29th of the month to celebrate pay day.

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