Young's is hoping to bring new customers to the frozen fish category with Young's Fishmonger's Choice a new range of cook-in-the-bag fish dishes out next month.

The seasoned loin fillets come in a sealed pouch that can be cooked from frozen in the oven or the microwave and are the latest in a wave of new sous vide products to hit the shelves (see Boil in the Bag is Back,The Grocer, 7 August).

Their launch is part of Young's plans to create a 'fishmonger in the freezer' and persuade shoppers who buy chilled fish at the moment to opt for frozen.

Aimed at "fish-reluctant foodies" people who enjoy cooking but do not feel confident handling fish they promise 'no touch, no smell, no fuss'.

Young's, which is targeting £10m in retail sales by the end of 2011, will launch two variants initially cod with roasted garlic, herbs and sun-dried tomato, and haddock in a mild chilli and lemon dressing.

Ultimately, it plans to increase the range to up to 15 variants, including a natural or 'naked' variant, planned for September 2011. Seabass and salmon versions are also likely.

The products (rsp: £2.99/single serving) will go into Asda and Morrisons on 6 September, with Tesco, Sainsbury's and the Co-operative to follow by early November. A TV campaign will run in January 2011.

Consumers typically perceived chilled to be of higher quality than frozen fish, but Young's would emphasise the greater convenience and accessibility of frozen food, said marketing manager Justin Hunter.

The greater sustainability of frozen seafood, which can be frozen at source and transported over greater distances than chilled, would also be part of the message, added seafood chef Mitch Tonks, who worked with Young's on Fishmonger's Choice.

Young's is not alone in its interest in 'naked' frozen fish. As revealed by The Grocer last month, Birds Eye has been testing consumer perceptions of such products, although there are no imminent launch plans.