The fish fillet pieces in batter product led a three-strong Young ‘Uns range aimed at children. It gained distribution in 66% of multiple grocery outlets within five months of its July launch, according to ACNielsen. Consumer trial rate was unspectacular, however, with only 1.1% of consumers sampling the product. Just under 13% of these bought a second time.
The other two products in the Young ‘Uns trio have had mixed fortunes. Fish Fillets in Squares reached a distribution rate of 37% while Scampi Crunchies has managed only 15% of possible outlets so far.
Dalepak’s new steaks range has been affected by seasonal factors and performance has been erratic. Mega Beef Grills reached a distribution high of 46% thanks to summer barbecues but slumped to 28% by November 30 2002 and was overtaken by stablemate Mega Ribsteaks’ score of 31%. Ribsteaks also did well in repeat purchase terms, with nearly a quarter of samplers buying the product a second time. This was from a low score of triallists, however, as only 0.7% of ACNielsen’s sample consumers tried it.
ACNielsen does not track fresh products, so figures for other interesting 2002 launches are not included. These include pork, lamb and beef joints and natural turkey portions from the Bernard Matthews stable, Sara Lee’s Aoste chilled sliced meat brand, and John West’s 200g chilled, sliced, smoked salmon.