13 January 2001

The Grocer

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    13 Jan 2001

    Sir; It was good to see agriculture minister Nick Brown continuing his food chain unity campaign in last week's issue of The Grocer. His New Year message should be a challenge to us all to continue to support the food chain unification concept and...

  • £15m should put Holsten in right place at the right time Subscription

    13 Jan 2001

    Activity behind the Holsten brand in the off-trade is set to be cranked up. The number of brands under the Holsten umbrella is to be increased. The first new product Duckstein, is already on the market. Sales director Geoff Bradman said: "We have...

  • A big week for the chip Subscription

    13 Jan 2001

    The British Potato Council is urging manufacturers and retailers to put the spotlight on chips in the run up to National Chip Week (February 19-25). The BPC is offering promotional material and party packs ­ including a Dig the Chip' poster or...

  • A period of change for Kotex as K-C gives the green light to Subscription

    13 Jan 2001

    Exclusive Karen Dempsey The Kotex sanitary towel brand is to absorb £10m of Kimberly-Clark cash in a bid to shake off its fuddy duddy thick maxi towel image and appeal to a younger audience. KC is upgrading the product range (available from...

  • A TV chef brings out his sausage Subscription

    13 Jan 2001

    TV's controversial cartoon South Park hits supermarket meat fixtures next month when Chef fronts a range of fresh meat products. The eight strong South Park Chef's Premium Collection includes beefburgers, chicken pieces and sausages (rsps: £1.99 ­...

  • Advertising Standards Agency: Booker and Safeway rebuked for Subscription

    13 Jan 2001

    Booker and Safeway got a New Year's slap on the wrist from the Advertising Standards Agency for making unfair price comparisons with competitors. Delivered wholesaler Brake Bros complained that Booker's magazine ad campaign featuring a series of...

  • Alliances: Israel links with Capespan Subscription

    13 Jan 2001

    The new marketing link between Capespan UK and Tnuport, one of Israel's major Jaffa citrus exporters will lead to a major expansion of the group's portfolio. Joining it will be a million and a half cartons of grapefruit, oranges, easy peelers...

  • An election on ministers' minds Subscription

    13 Jan 2001

    Sir; Am I being over cynical when I wonder if agriculture minister Nick Brown's rallying call to the industry in The Grocer last week was merely one of the first shots in the General Election campaign? Sure he's done a great job in helping to unite...

  • Asda staff are bare but not the shelves Subscription

    13 Jan 2001

    When Asda announces "everything's coming down", it normally means the price, but this time, they do mean everything. After the Women's Institutue and Somerfield's semi-nude effort last year, Asda colleagues at the Morley branch in West Yorkshire...

  • Bacon report: Prices low as market drifts through January do Subscription

    13 Jan 2001

    Cheaper pigs should be good news for slaughterers and curers, but it is hard to find signs of celebration in the bacon trade as the market drifts in its usual post-Christmas torpor. Relief of margin pressure from the raw material side is attributed...

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