5 September 2009

The Grocer

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  • ‘Neighbourly’ S&A scales back its plans Subscription

    05 Sep 2009

    S&A Produce has massively reduced its redevelopment plans as its new owner focuses on improving community relations.The Herefordshire strawberry supplier had faced local objections to its plans for 67ha of fixed polytunnels and...

  • ‘Nightmare’ Licensing Act has cost millions say Scots c-stores Subscription

    05 Sep 2009

    Scottish retailers have claimed the Licensing Act, which came into force on Tuesday, has cost millions of pounds to comply with.The law had cost convenience stores more than £16m, the Scottish Grocers' Federation said, while Spar...

  • Acid Test: Brewdog Tokyo* Beer Subscription

    05 Sep 2009

    Does the UK's strongest bottled beer taste of anything more than the bitter tang of controvsery?

  • Ad of the Week: Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory Subscription

    05 Sep 2009

    Fun ways to spend £43m: crash a solid-gold plane into a replica Mount Rushmore made of cake; sign Franck Ribery for your pub football team; steal every pound-operated shopping trolley in the UK. Twice.

  • An ortolan in the hand… Subscription

    05 Sep 2009

    While UK poultry farmers were last week clucking furious over Defra plans to limit the chickens per square metre they can squeeze into cages, there was also unrest for French harvesters of ortolan the tiny birds that are drowned in Armagnac and...

  • Arla pay plan prompts threat of strike action Subscription

    05 Sep 2009

    Staff at Arla Foods UK are considering strike action over proposals for a company-wide pay freeze.The Danish dairy giant last month proposed a pay freeze for the 3,000 unionised and non-unionised employees across its UK operation as part...

  • Around the Papers 10/9/09 Subscription

    10 Sep 2009

    Diageo resists Scots plan; Gore invests in Ocado; Dixon on M&S board

  • Around the Papers 11/9/09 Subscription

    11 Sep 2009

    Morrisons profits; Waitrose Duchy deal; Co-op banking push

  • Around the Papers 7/9/09 Subscription

    07 Sep 2009

    Morrisons tipped for greatness; John Lewis Value range; cheap champers all round

  • Around the Papers 8/9/09 Subscription

    08 Sep 2009

    Cadbury bid frenzy; Tesco stil keen on US; shop-workers feel recession's pinch

  • Around the Papers 9/9/09 Subscription

    09 Sep 2009

    Kraft-Cadbury saga rolls on; docs want booze ad ban; food waste

  • Asda stocks North York Moors lamb Subscription

    05 Sep 2009

    Asda is to stock lamb sourced from sheep farmers on the North York Moors during the autumn lamb season.The lamb, raised on farms within the national park, will be supplied by Seven Hill Farmers. Some 1,200 lambs a month will be supplied...

  • Asda to add second Direct kiosk in-store Subscription

    05 Sep 2009

    Asda will open its second Asda Direct kiosk when the retailer's new Bradford store begins trading later this month.The first kiosk, in Keighley, Yorkshire, opened in July following the launch of the Asda Direct catalogue business last...

  • Associated anticipates second-half profits boost Subscription

    07 Sep 2009

    Kingsmill owner Associated British Foods announced today that it expects second-half profits to increase year-on-year despite heftier interest costs.

  • Beer finalists hit the shelves at Sainsbury’s Subscription

    05 Sep 2009

    Sainsbury's is stocking 15 new speciality beers following a knockout-style contest to find the UK's best independently brewed ale.The brands, which include Wood's Shropshire Lass and Bath Ale's Golden Hare, reached the final of the...

  • Bid to boost beef exports to Europe Subscription

    05 Sep 2009

    A campaign to boost exports of Northern Irish red meat to European markets has been launched.The two-year initiative aims to raise sales of beef and lamb in France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Scandinavia. Dedicated marketing...

  • Boom in new breweries shows ale is real deal Subscription

    10 Sep 2009

    A boom in real ale has been credited for more than 70 new breweries opening in the UK in the past year – despite the pub trade suffering its toughest-ever conditions.

  • Brakes bags £45m Scots frozen contract Subscription

    05 Sep 2009

    Brakes has won a contract worth £45m over the next three years to deliver frozen food to local authorities throughout Scotland.The win means the foodservice giant will be supplying education, social work and civic catering in 28 of...

  • Brands sign up to ethical cocoa scheme Subscription

    05 Sep 2009

    Chocolate manufacturers including Lindt, Ferrero and Kraft Foods have signed up to a new ethical cocoa-buying scheme that charges a premium of $30 per tonne over the market rate.Source Trust said that it would guarantee the traceability...

  • C&C buys lager brand... to shore up ailing cider brand Subscription

    05 Sep 2009

    Shelling out £180m for Tennent's shows C&C Group means business - but not necessarily when it comes to lager. Nigel Huddleston reports.

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