threat to wrigley
n Nestlé and Colgate-Palmolive have joined forces to develop an oral care product range for the confectionery fixture.
n The multi-million pound global deal, which is set to kick off early next year with distribution of Colgate Dental Gum, could offer a threat to chewing gum giant Wrigley in dental care gum.
n The arrangement will give Colgate a leg-up into confectionery, while Nestlé gets a foothold in oral care, currently growing at around 20% year on year.
upside down
n Heinz has put its iconic tomato ketchup into Top Down bottles to better suit the 70% of its consumers who, it claims, already store the product upside down.
n Rolling out now, the format has a dispenser that cuts out when the user stops squeezing and prevents ketchup from building up around the opening.
n The company claims the newcomer has already grown the category by 10% in the US, as well as taking a 10% share.

ABVs cut
n Diageo has cut the alcohol content of all its ready-to-drink lines so it can sell them at a lower price.
n Smirnoff Ice has already dropped from 5.5% abv to 5% and Archers Aqua is set to do the same next month.
n The move is in response to pressure from increasing sales of competitively priced beer.

shag fags
n An independent tobacconist chain is taking on the tobacco giants with the launch of Shag, a cigarette aimed at young adults.
n Already on sale in AE Lloyd's shops in Aberystwyth, Chester and Cardiff and in smaller wholesalers, Shag is positioned as an alternative to lifestyle brands such as Marlboro Lights.