Parents who have problems getting their kids to drink milk are being targeted by funky flavoured straws - described as a healthier option to flavoured milk drinks.
Unistraw’s product, which won an innovation award at Anuga, is a see-through straw with flavoured beads that dissolve and add flavour to the milk as it is sucked.
In chocolate, banana, caramel and strawberry flavours, the Sipahh straw adds just half a teaspoon of sugar to a glass of milk and is free of gluten, artificial colour, flavours and preservatives.
The patented system can deliver flavour, nutrition, energy and even medicine in a fun way, according to the company.
Unistraw International chief executive Martin Chimes said the product would help revive the flagging milk market by encouraging kids to drink the White Stuff more often.
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Sweet Cred impressed at Anuga with confectionery novelties. One product, which hits stores in January, is Jackpot gift bags. Retailing for £1.99, each bag contains high-quality toys and candy. The company was only launched three years ago but is already supplying its products - which also include wrist lickers and lightsticks - to 28 countries.

Bendicks is showing off the informal gifting qualities of its new Gorgeous boxed chocolate in a TV ad breaking on Monday (October 17). Its Mingles commercial of last year is also being re-run.

Haribo Dunhills has launched shelf-ready packs for its Starmix, Tangfastics, Kiddie’s SuperMix, Maoam Stripes, Mao Mix and Sour Strawbs. Strawbs got the format earlier this year.

Beechams Flu Plus hot drinks are now available in a stick sachet format. The sachets come in packs of five or 10 (rsp: £2.89, £3.95).

Douwe Egberts has struck a sponsorship deal with ITV worth £7m. The first phase comprises sponsorship of All About George as well as the Parkinson web site.
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