Exotic recipes from Asian countries less commonly represented on UK supermarket shelves are the inspiration for Sharwood's new luxury sauce range, set for launch next month.

Aimed at stretching consumer tastes beyond the company's traditional territory of Indian, Chinese and Thai, the six-strong collection targets a more affluent audience than regular Sharwood's cooking sauce buyers. It will be backed by advertising from October.

Premium packaging and a smaller 380g jar are designed to appeal to a younger, typically pre-family consumer who tends to favour a meal for two. The rsp is £1.79 per jar.

Recipes from Nepal are a Lasoon masala, lightly spiced sauce with sweet garlic, green peppers and spring onions, and Hariyo masala, a mild to medium mint curry with aromatic spices and coriander seeds.

From Sri Lanka comes Devil Curry, which is hot and spicy with peppers and onions, and Columbo Curry, a medium hot sauce with coconut, tamarind, roasted spices and curry leaves.

Meanwhile, an aromatic Rendang from Malaysia is a rich sauce with coconut, spices and cloves, while Indonesian satay contains roasted peanuts, lemongrass and chilli.

The company said each sauce was made with ingredients as close as possible to the indigenous dish. None has artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives.

Marketing manager Helen Williams said there was significant room for growth in the Asian meals category by harnessing trends such as lighter eating and the move towards greater authenticity.

"The new Asian sauces allow us to target a younger, adventurous consumer who may have come across the recipes on their travels or in restaurants and also allow our existing customer base to experiment with different world cuisines," said Williams.