Company: Halewood International
Rsp: £2.99
Competition: Jacques, Carnaby Brown

The consumer
Brambles doesn't sound like something the girls from Sex and the City would be happy to drink and the label made me yawn. It actually looks more like a bloke's drink. However, I enjoyed the sweet flavour and it was just strong enough to make the £2.99 worthwhile. Four stars (out of five)
Sarah Bloom, project worker, Crawley

The retailer
The liquid is an artificially vibrant pink colour with an aroma of strawberry jelly sweets. The taste is quite sickly sweet, but I think this would improve if served over ice as suggested. The offer and packaging are immediately confusing to me. 'Brambles' and 'rosé' are the standout words therefore as a consumer I don't know what it is, and as a retailer I don't know where to put it. For a product targeted at a 25 to 45-year-old female audience, the labelling is strongly masculine. Perhaps lighter, brighter colours or a more floral design would appeal more to the target audience? Somehow, for me, Brambles lacks overall sophistication. Two stars
Steve Howarth, trading controller beer, cider & spirits, Spar 

The Grocer
As someone who is not a fan of sweet, fizzy alcohol I was pleasantly surprised. The lightly sparkling rosé drink, wisely being marketed specifically to women, has a fruity flavour that tastes lovely over ice. It is a great alternative to opening a bottle of sparkling wine and is slightly cheaper than Jacques. The only downside is it doesn't taste like you are drinking alcohol, so you could easily drink more than you intended. I drank the 5.5% 70cl like Ribena. Three stars
Michelle Perrett, chief reporter