Company: Mars
Rsp: 52p
Competition: Aero, Wispa

The consumer
An unattractive brown package and sickly pink edges didn't inspire me to try the contents, although the description 'bubbly' on the packaging was accurate. It is, however, more debatable if it can be described as milk chocolate as it was overly sweet with no recognisable milky or cocoa taste, which I expect from chocolate. It also had a long unpleasant sugary-sweet aftertaste. If you like sugar straight off the spoon, then Galaxy has invented the perfect bar for you. One star (out of five)
Kevin Elliott, business service adviser

The retailer
What a great product this is. The taste is reminiscent of Galaxy Ripple due to the texture of the bubbles. It is a very light eat at 31g and one of the best new confectionery products I've tasted in a long time. Although the look and feel of the packaging are firmly aimed at females, this product is likely to appeal to all milk chocolate consumers. I think this is a real winner. Five stars
Tina Hird, trading controller, Spar UK

The Grocer
With its pink-themed packaging, Galaxy Bubbles is clearly marketed towards women who are looking for a lighter chocolatey fix. However, this could put off men who wouldn't be seen dead eating something with a pink wrapper. Usually, I really enjoy Galaxy, which has recently upped its game with NPD such as Cookie Crumble. But unlike that innovation, Bubbles was just too sweet for me, as after the first few pieces I was reaching for a drink. I'd rather have an Aero Peppermint, which is 1p cheaper and 15g bigger. Two stars
Anna-Marie Julyan, food and drink reporter