Expert's verdict: 6/10 ?I wasn't convinced by the new Mateus varietal. The rosé market has been boosted by developments in drier wines. However, the notion of a French vintage varietal under the Portugese brand is contradictory. Building a New World approach and a range of styles is sound enough, but I'm not sure whether this can be carried off by Mateus. It has long been a much-loved wine for consumers seeking wines for under £5. I suspect what is an acceptable Shiraz rosé will end up being discounted to generate acceptable sales. John Taylor, head of buying, impulse, MBL Consumer's verdict: 4/10 ?While the shape of the bottle makes it really stand out on shelf, I think it looked a bit cheap. The labelling was also a problem as information about the wine wasn't accessible. It was written in small type on the neck label and there was no information on the back of the bottle, which was a shame. I was expecting a really fruity, sweet wine from the packaging and when I opened it the aroma did remind me of boiled sweets. However, when I tasted it, it was quite bland and not particularly fruity at all. I don't think I would buy this wine again. Gemma Monk, teacher, south Wales A year down the line... Bacardi Apple and Bacardi Berry Company: Bacardi Brown Forman Launch price: £12.49 Today's price: £12.49 Acid test verdict: 2.5/5 The two Bacardi rums were introduced to the UK market to position the Bacardi brand as a great alternative to vodka. The launch, supported by a £1.4m campaign and sampling, reached more than 150,000 consumers in the off trade. The company said the products have surpassed expectations, gaining listings in major outlets nationwide.