Company: Seabrook Crisps
Rsp: 65p/40g pack
Competition: Walkers, McCoy’s, Kettle Chips
The sell: Seabrook positioned the range as the first on the market that was full of flavour despite reduced salt content.

The consumer
The absence of salt meant the flavour initially struck me as bland, and overemphasised an outright sweet, cinnamon taste. The crisps didn't complement Friday night drinks, proving slightly better suited to a mid-week packed lunch. Ultimately, however, they failed to impress me a confirmed crisp maniac and I'd bet they won't be reeling in the goji berry and quinoa crowd any time soon, either. Two stars (out of five)
Alex Sheers, IT support engineer, Brighton

The expert
While I applaud Seabrook's intent to market a lower-salt crisp, I like salted snacks and, with the exception of the reduced sodium content, this product is not really any healthier than a standard bag of crisps. The crisps are fresh-tasting and crunchy, but the ketchup flavouring is too sweet and actually cries out for salt to balance the flavour. A plain version would probably work better. Three stars
Tina Hird, trading controller, Spar

The Grocer
Although I love the idea of having crisps without hiking my salt intake, Seabrook's attempt at providing this just didn't work for me. Most crisp munchers like the salty flavour, so what is the point if the product lacks this?

Unfortunately, I found this to be the case with Seabrook's range to me it was more a case of goodbye flavour. It's a great concept and is supported by nice packaging, but the product needs improvement. Two stars
Lisa Riley, food & drink reporter