Company: PepsiCo
RSP: £1.55
Market size: £2bn
The competition: McCoy's, Doritos, Hula Hoops

The consumer
I liked the Chilli & Chocolate flavour and definitely feel this variant could bring Walkers the most commercial success. The idea of combining crisps and chocolate in one format, with a hint of chilli to give that extra bit of spice, is a winner. My friends all had their favourites, but the Chilli & Chocolate was the only one we all liked. The packaging for all of them was quite basic, which works well because it draws your attention to the quirky picture that represents the flavour. Four stars (out of five)
Ben Lawless, media sales, Croydon

The expert
After all the impressive X-Factor-inspired hype that surrounded these new flavours, they actually tasted a bit bland. The Crispy Duck flavour was the best, but the Builders Breakfast tasted like ketchup flavour and the Onion Bhaji differed little from Cheese & Onion. I expect consumers will buy into the new range because it's a strong brand with new and interesting flavours and the packaging is different enough to encourage trial. Four stars
Nigel Ashton, business manager, Nisa-Today's

The Grocer
This is a great marketing ploy by Walkers. Who can honestly say they're not intrigued by the prospect of Cajun Squirrel flavoured crisps? But the taste is the biggest let-down. The All Day Breakfast is a poor man's Smoky Bacon, while the Cajun Squirrel tastes like an accident with a spice rack. No matter. The zany flavours have won them plenty of column inches and that was the point, right? Plus I've developed a peculiar craving for Walkers Salt 'n' Vinegar. Three stars
Nick Hughes, senior features writer