Expert's verdict...10/25

The packaging of Cricket Cola is poor. It gives the impression that it is an imported line from the Far East. Also, the statement that it is a 'micro cola' could prove confusing for consumers, who may not be aware what this means. The taste was not much better. I found both the regular and the diet version to be flat. On top of this, they also tasted of vinegar. This is a poor product which fails to stand up to its high price tag.

Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today's

Consumer's verdict...6/25

On paper Cricket Cola sounds great, a guilt-free version of my favourite drink. However, I doubt that I would have picked it up, because it had a cheap look about it. So, my first impressions were mixed and, unfortunately, it was all downhill from there. On opening the bottle, there was a strong, strange smell. Things did not improve much when tasting. I preferred the regular version, but I would not

buy either again.

Karen Day, housewife and mother of three, Glasgow

Overall verdict...16/50

Enliven Company: DCS Europe Launch Price: 99p per product Today's Price: 99p per product Acid test verdict: 38/50

Since launch, the Enliven range from DCS Europe has clocked up UK sales of £1m, with listings in several independent retailers.

It is also making its mark abroad, according to the company, which estimates that worldwide sales will reach £3m by the end of

the year. The bestsellers

are the Enliven Natural Fruits range and the

Enliven Active Care for

Men line. Two hair gels were recently added to the range of styling products and the company also says new listings are in the pipeline for next year.