Women like chocolate and shoes, men like footie and beer. Heineken riffs on these minutely observed subtleties of the sexes for its new ad.

Female revellers scream in orgasmic delight at their host's walk-in wardrobe. Downstairs, her other half ecstatically shows his laddish cohorts the walk-in fridge (stacked with booze).

It's pretty funny, even if on first viewing you expect an 'If Carlsberg did fridges' payoff. So it's a twist to find this is for Heineken. Perhaps not on the 'girl in The Crying Game has a penis' scale of shocks, but you probably wouldn't want that in your fridge anyway. And certainly not with friends round.

A version of this debuted online last year and was spoofed by Bavaria, where the host shuts the screaming blokes in the fridge and has the ladies all to himself.

How typical of the Dutch, dangerously subverting convention to imply that men sometimes also think about breasts. As if.

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