Kronenbourg continues to Slow the Pace with another ageing icon reprising former glories.

Now Madness top geezer Suggs, features sagging like a punctured balloon, offers a mournful take on Baggy Trousers, all wheezy sax and arthritic, creaky-fingered accordion.

Once again it's beautifully shot, the bistro setting bathed in lager-gold sun. It's sincere and endearing too, but lacks the epic gravitas of Lemmy's revelatory Ace of Spades a bluesy miracle that made the campaign's debut perhaps the best ad of the year so far.

The law of diminishing returns applies to any ad run. But Suggs' curio, at the very least, keeps us keen to see which one-named 80s legend will go slow next.

Maybe something from Prince that's more Rusty Beige Metro than Little Red Corvette, or Madonna crooning Grandpa Don't Preach between lusty sucks on a Werther's Original.

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