COMPANY: Unilever UK
PRICE: £1.69

The packaging of Adez is colourful and quirky. It has clear fruit depiction and there is a description of the product on the front label. The rest of the label is packed with facts about the benefits of the product - in particular soya. I&'m not a fan of soya and therefore took my first sip of the pineapple & passion­fruit with some trepidation. The aroma was strong and fruity and it actually tasted very good.
Tina Hird, trading controller, Spar

I really enjoyed this product, although I thought that the pineapple & passionfruit and orange & peach offerings were slightly sweet. The mango & apricot had an excellent and well-balanced flavour. All three smelt pleasant. The packaging is very easy on the eye with a great contemporary design and an excellent secure screw top. I think the clear labelling and details of the ingredients make it better than other products containing soya. I would definitely buy it again. Very nutritious and a great disguise for soya.
Wendy Brooks, housewife and mother, Surrey

Company: Delifrance

When Délifrance launched a branded range of frozen mini viennoiserie a year ago, it introduced a whole new category into the freezer aisles. The full range, which includes croissants, pains au chocolat and pains aux ­raisins, was immediately listed by Waitrose and continues to enjoy freezer space within the supermarket.
Since then, listings have also been secured throughout Booths stores.
Délifrance said the range, which was its biggest product launch into the UK retail sector so far, had been &"a real hit with shoppers&".

Expert's verdict... 20/25

Consumer's verdict... 20/25

Overall verdict...40/50

Frozen mini viennoiserie