Albert Bartlett is looking to make further inroads into the branded market with the launch of a new brand of potatoes this week.

Scotty Brand joins the company's established Rooster brand of potatoes, which launched in 2003, and is intended to tap into the growing trend for locally grown food and nostalgia-driven food shopping.

Scotty Brand would be a "celebration of conventional produce from Scotland", said marketing manager John Hicks, and would allow buyers of "bog-standard white potatoes" to trade up to a more consistent, reliable product.

Packs of Scotty Brand will initially be stocked ­exclusively by Asda, with a rollout into the supermarket's Scottish stores starting this week.

The launch will be supported by an ad campaign on Scottish radio and in the consumer press, starting in November.

The brand will initially be limited to potatoes specifically the Scottish-grown Kestrel variety but the company has ambitions to widen it to other types of produce and even non-produce categories.

"We believe the brand has great potential, but it will need to prove itself in potatoes first," said Hicks.

Aside from conveying the potatoes' Scottish heritage, Scotty Brand taps into Albert Bartlett's company history: the brand was used in the 1940s to sell boiled beetroot.

Today, it would stand for a commitment to quality, healthy and locally grown food, said Hicks. "We have drawn from our heritage to communicate modern values. There are lots of emotions attached to potatoes, but modern selling doesn't tap into that at all."