Alcohol was the most heavily promoted category last weekend, putting it ahead of the usually dominant impulse by two points to account for 24% of space.

The knock-on effects of England's absence from Euro 2008 have left the category looking for alternative marketing opportunities so the promotional momentum will continue to grow in the coming weeks.

Somerfield was the heaviest alcohol promoter. The category accounted for 32% of its offers compared with impulse's 25%, grocery's 17%, household's 15% and chilled dairy's 4%.

Sainsbury's was not far behind, though. It allocated 30% of its secondary space to alcohol promotions, placing the category a clear nine points ahead of impulse, which was second with 21% of space, while health, beauty & baby took 16% of space, grocery accounted for 10% and frozen took 7%.

Tesco also pushed alcohol heavily, allocating 28% of its promotional space to the category, while impulse lines accounted for 20%, health, beauty & baby 14%, grocery 10% and frozen 9%.

Asda's offers for the weekend saw alcohol take the top spot with 20% of space, frozen take second with 17%, grocery third with 16%, impulse fourth with 15% and health, beauty & baby fifth with 11%.

Morrisons allocated the least amount of space to alcohol of the top five retailers, though the category was still its second most heavily promoted. Impulse was first with 24% of space, alcohol second with 18%, grocery third with 15%, health, beauty & baby fourth with 14% and household goods fifth with 13%.

Wine continues to lead alcohol overall. However, beer & lager is starting to close the gap, accounting for 30% of alcohol promotions last weekend, only seven points behind wine in first place with 37%.

Spirits dropped to third place with 16% of space, and cider was only two points behind in fourth with 14%. Two sub-categories - sparkling wine and FABs - shared fifth with 2% each.