Asahi Super Dry

Asahi UK is boosting its flagship Japanese lager brand with the relaunch of Asahi Super Dry, brewed according to its original recipe.

The 5.2% beer was previously contract brewed by Shepherd Neame in Britain, but will now be produced ‘in-house’ by Asahi UK in Padua, Italy. New stock with revamped packs rolls out from today (15 January).

Asahi did not provide an rsp.

The change was the first opportunity for Brits to “taste Asahi Super Dry in its true form” said Asahi UK MD Tim Clay. “Its unique dry, crisp taste with a quick clean finish, known as karakuchi, has undoubtedly been fundamental to this beer’s success”.

Clay added it was “incredibly important” for Asahi UK “to ensure we brought that same authentic taste to the UK market. Therefore, significant investment and comprehensive taste testing have taken place in collaboration with our Japanese colleagues.”

The brand hopes to grow distribution with the relaunch, and has secured fresh listings in Waitrose.

Marketing would “reflect the Japanese roots and authenticity of the brand in a contemporary manner, utilising various forward-thinking elements of Japanese culture that are tangible and accessible in the western world”.