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Beer ads have been slated as ‘outdated’ and ‘stereotypical’

British consumers have rapped beer advertising for being ‘outdated’ and ‘stereotypical’.

Beer ads came out worst in a new survey by analysts Canadean Custom Solutions, with 36% of the 2,000 adults questioned earlier this month calling them out of date and stereotypical. The same criticism was levelled against cars ads by 20% of consumers, and against chocolate advertising by 15%.

Canadean said the survey revealed consumers were tired of gender-stereotypical ads, with 69% believing grocery advertisements aimed at men were outdated and stereotypical, while 68% said the same of ads aimed at women. The younger generation was the most sceptical, with 76% of 18-24-year-olds viewing ads aimed at men as outdated.

Shoppers said they wanted more unisex advertising - with 54% of women and 47% of men calling for such marketing activity.

The survey sent a message to manufacturers that ads reinforcing gender stereotypes could have an adverse effect on brand perceptions, claimed Michael Hughes, research manager at Canadean.

“Such types of adverts are becoming increasingly outdated, with consumers – particularly young adults – seeking out products that make them feel sophisticated and stand out from the crowd,” he said. “While such humour-based advertising that serves to reinforce gender stereotypes may be perceived as funny, they can actually have an adverse effect on brand perceptions.”

Earlier this year advertising watchdog the ASA threw out complaints that Asda’s 2012 Christmas ad was sexist. The ad, which featured a harassed mum running around trying to sort out Christmas for her family, received 620 complaints, the majority of which slammed the ad for reinforcing outdated stereotypes of men and women in the home.