Edwards bottlegreen elderflower liqueur

SHS Drinks has extended cordial brand Bottlegreen into alcohol with the launch of an elderflower vodka liqueur made with UK producer Edwards 1902.

Edwards Bottlegreen Elderflower Liqueur (rsp: £26/50cl) is a blend of single-estate potato vodka and cordial made from “hand-picked” elderflowers.

The drink is made and bottled at the Elsham Wold Distillery in Lincolnshire and will initially be available from Amazon, Master of Malt, and other selected “high-end” retailers.

The joint venture is the first time two British companies have come together to produce an elderflower liqueur.

Emma Hamilton, co-founder of Edwards vodka, described the partnership as the result of “a very clear meeting of minds”.

“Both companies have a shared objective and, as importantly, a shared approach,” she said. “Edwards 1902 places quality at the very heart of everything it does, and the same can be said of Bottlegreen. Both brands strive to help make great-tasting, first-rate cocktails, be that by skilled bartenders or by consumers in their own homes.”

Sarah Lawson, head of marketing for softs at SHS Drinks, added: “While this is the first time we’ve put the brand name to an alcohol product, all Bottlegreen drinks are crafted using specialist, flavour-enhancing processes traditionally employed by winemakers, so the alcohol category isn’t totally alien to us.”

SHS Drinks acquired Bottlegreen in 2011, adding the Gloucester-based cordial company to a roster of soft drinks that also includes adult-targeted brand Shloer.