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Source: BrewDog

Gold-plated cans have been hidden in cases of Punk IPA, Lost Lager and Mixed Headliner 

BrewDog has brought back its infamous ‘gold’ can competition just three months after CEO James Watt admitted to forking out £500,000 in compensation to previous winners. 

The controversial brewer has hidden a limited number of gold-plated cans in cases of Punk IPA (12x330ml), Lost Lager (10x440ml) and Mixed Headliner (8x330ml). Shoppers who find a can will be able to claim £5,000 in cash. 

Consumers purchasing packs via BrewDog’s webstore will have “double the opportunity” of bagging a prize. Alongside the possibility of finding a gold can in their order, they will receive a scratchcard offering them the chance to win a gold-plated pint glass and £5,000, plus “many other prizes”. 

Those spending over £10 in BrewDog bars will also be given a scratchcard for the chance to win a gold pint.

Winners have until 30 August 2023 to claim their prizes. 

It comes just three months after BrewDog CEO James Watt claimed in a LinkedIn post he had paid almost £500,000 in compensation to winners of its previous ‘solid gold’ beer can promotion.

BrewDog had claimed the cans were worth £15,000 each, and offered winners £15,000-worth of shares as part of the prize. However, some winners questioned how much the cans were worth once they discovered they were gold-plated.

After the Advertising Standards Authority upheld a series of complaints made about Watt’s “misleading” tweets in October 2021, the BrewDog boss claimed he contacted all 50 winners and offered them “the full cash amount” as an alternative to the prize.

This time around, however, Watt said he was “keen to avoid forking out another half a million quid” and stressed that the cans were “gold-plated, not solid gold”.

“I hope that’s crystal clear,” he added.