Brits have a reputation for boozing. We knock back the equivalent of 10 litres of pure alcohol each every year, according to a 2011 study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. That makes Britain the world’s 15th booziest country.

But who are Britain’s biggest boozers?

For our 10 Things You Need To Know About… Alcoholic Drinks digital feature we’ve commissioned a consumer poll that lifts the lid on Britain’s drinking habits. And the poll, of more than 2,000 consumers by Harris Interactive, reveals huge regional differences across Britain.

For example, one in three people aged over 16 in the East of England say they do not drink any alcohol at all, making it the most temperate part of the UK. Conversely, just 17% of Scots and people from the North West say they are teetotal, giving these regions the highest concentrations of boozers. But that doesn’t mean they’re all drinking to excess.

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In fact, one in four people in Wales say they drink more than the daily recommended daily limit on most days and 21% of people in the North West say they do, making the Welsh and Northerners (at least those in the North West) most likely to ignore government guidelines on safe drinking levels. A staggering 7% of people in the North West say they exceed the safe limit every day.

Our poll also reveals that 32% of Brits now drink more at home than we do out on the town. And a worryingly large proportion (16%) of us regularly drink at home alone. Men are most likely to booze solo, with 19% saying they regularly drink on their own.