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Source: Ladies & Gents

The pouches had been designed to fit through a letterbox

North London bar Ladies & Gents has teamed up with Halewood and Coca-Cola to launch a range of pre-mixed cocktails.

The range, called Disco Cocktails, is made using Halewood Artisanal Spirits and Coca-Cola mixers.

It comprises five SKUs, each offering a “unique take on classic cocktails”, it said

They are: Disco Cherry Sour (10% abv), made with Vestal Vodka and Dr Pepper; Disco Pina Colada (11.54% abv), made with Dead Man’s Fingers rum and Sprite; Disco Pornstar Martini (10.25% abv), made with Vestal Vodka and Fanta; Disco G&T (12.9% abv), made with Whitley Neill gin and Schweppes tonic; and Disco Old Fashioned (14.5% abv), which is made with American Eagle four-year-old bourbon and Coca-Cola.

The range is launching in both 100ml and 500ml formats, each packaged in a brown paper pouch and designed to fit through the letterbox.

Ladies & Gents owner William Borrell – who also owns recent Halewood investment Vestal Vodka – said like many bars, Ladies & Gents was “constantly pivoting and adapting to survive”.

He said the cocktail range “added some sweet moves to our alcohol armoury” and offered a “perfect opportunity to open up to retail”.

Disco Cocktails have launched via Ladies & Gents’ e-commerce store, priced at £5 for a 100ml single serve, £20 for 5x100ml and £20 for 1x500ml.