Plymouth gin sustainable bottle

Source: Plymouth Gin

The new design will roll out globally this month, across the brand’s entire range

Plymouth Gin is boosting its sustainability credentials with the rollout of new, lighter bottles across its range.

It has removed all single-use plastic from its bottles and reduced the overall weight of the glass by 15%. This would equate to saving 60 tonnes of carbon a year, claimed the Pernod Ricard-owned brand.

The new design retained the “most recognisable elements” of the current design, including the bottle shape, it said. However, they now feature paper labels, and the bottle closures have been switched from PVC to recyclable PET.

Its monk logo, which used to feature on the bottom of the brand’s bottle on a plastic label, has now been embossed directly on to the glass.

The new design will roll out globally this month.

This was “just one of many new initiatives Plymouth Gin will unveil this year in its journey to ensuring sustainability is front and centre”, said Plymouth global brand director Toni Ingram.

“Plymouth Gin has already made great strides in this area, with the distillery using 100% renewable electricity and ensuring our gin botanicals are recycled via an anaerobic digestion power plant to turn waste into energy,” she said.

It comes as distillers last month warned that “archaic” duty stamps were hampering many spirits brands’ efforts to become more sustainable.

This was because under the current legislation, it was unclear whether empty stamped spirit bottles could be lawfully refilled, which was creating problems for producers, distributors and retailers trying to cut down on waste, said the British Distillers Alliance.