Waitrose Gin Web

Waitrose is ramping up its work with local distilleries with the introduction of three craft gins around the UK.

The retailer has added Wiltshire’s Ramsbury Gin, Cotswolds Dry Gin from Warwickshire and Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin, which will all be available from this week at stores within 30 miles of their respective distilleries (rsp: £35-£40/70cl).

Gin was now “the most popular spirit we sell”, said Waitrose spirits buyer John Vine. “There’s been a shift towards people sipping the spirit before their meal as an aperitif, so artisan gins, which tend to have been infused with unique flavours, really appeal for this purpose.”

Customers were also looking for local gins in an effort to support smaller suppliers, Vine added.

The new listings come as Waitrose claimed its sales of craft gin had grown by 50% over the past year.