White Claw Seltzer Mango

Source: White Claw

2021 will be the ‘summer of seltzer’, said the CEO of Mark Anthony Brands

White Claw is to expand its range ahead of what its boss claims will be a “summer of seltzer”. 

The brand will launch its eight-can variety packs in the UK over the coming months, Davin Nugent, CEO of White Claw owner Mark Anthony Brands, told The Grocer. The packs were its single biggest-selling SKU in its US heartlands, he said. 

“This is the big play for this summer. We were hesitant but now the category is a bit more developed and there is demand – we have seen enormous growth in convenience.”

However, the seltzer category still faced the challenge of “educating the consumer and making sure that we are the category captains”, Nugent added.