Aldi has launched a recipe-based ad campaign claiming it can feed a family for just over 50p a person.

The discounter ran ads in the national press this week for ‘Golden Kebabs’ with a list of ingredients, cooking instructions and a new strapline - ‘Mum’s family recipes’.

“We will show people how to create great meals from as little as 57p per person for a family of four,” said Aldi managing director of corporate buying Tony Baines.

“Consumers are bombarded by offers and deals everyday, and want to be able to easily identify good, honest value without having to think about whether they are making a compromise.

“The recipes use a range of leading value and quality products that taste great and will be available on in-store leaflets, our website and on Facebook.”

The campaign undercuts by some margin Sainsbury’s Feed your Family for a Fiver campaign, launched in 2010. This was replaced by a Feed your Family for £50 meal planner last year.