Aldi eco store

Source: Aldi

Aldi opened an ‘eco store’ in Leamington Spa last year

Aldi is reducing the number of lights on in all stores to save energy.

The discounter is rolling out the move across its estate from this month, having trialled the measure in four stores.

Along with using solar panels, it’s among the ways Aldi aims to cut its energy consumption by 10%.

It follows other retailers including Morrisons and Co-op in reducing lighting in stores. In Co-op’s case, the move is understood to save up to £4,000 a year per site.

“We have a number of ongoing sustainability initiatives, including the use of solar panels, switching to 100% renewable electricity and investing in a greener fleet,” said an Aldi spokeswoman.

“We’ve also introduced more energy-efficient LED lighting into stores which will reduce our energy consumption by around 10%, whilst maintaining an excellent in store experience for our customers.

“Through measures like this we’re able make our stores even more sustainable and maintain our position as the UK’s lowest-priced supermarket.”

About 400 existing Aldi stores and all its new stores are to get the new LED lighting, said to extend the lifespan of light fittings from around two to 10 years, as well as saving energy.

Aldi also opened an ‘eco store’ in Leamington Spa last year, using sustainable building materials and design changes which it estimates reduce lifecycle carbon emissions by up to two-thirds.