Aldi has taken aim at M&S’s Colin the Caterpillar Cake again, this time with a TV ad comparing its price with that of its own Cuthbert the Caterpillar.

The discounter’s latest ‘Like Brands, Only Cheaper’ ad also parodies M&S’s Colin as an aggressive guest at a caterpillar cake party, who gets into a scuffle with Cuthbert.

The 30-second ad features Cuthbert and fellow party guests Wiggles and Morris – the names of Sainsbury’s and Morrisons’ caterpillar cakes – agreeing they like both Aldi and M&S’s caterpillar cakes.

The prices are shown on screen – putting M&S’s at £8.50 and Aldi’s at £4.99 – before Colin appears and a fracas ensues.

The ad made its TV debut yesterday (1 May) following teasers released by Aldi on Twitter.

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“What better way to show shoppers’ support of Cuthbert than by having him as the star in the returning Like Brands Only Cheaper series?” said Aldi UK marketing director Jemma Townsend.

“Aldi exclusive brands are just as good as the brands people know and love and these adverts are set to remind people of that at a time where cost of living is increasingly important.”

M&S launched a lawsuit against Aldi in 2021 over similarities between the two retailers’ caterpillar cakes, which ended in an out-of-court agreement and Aldi continuing to sell its version. Aldi trolled M&S mercilessly on social media over the dispute, with stunts such as adverting Cuthbert’s return to sale on billboard posters on vans parked outside M&S stores.

Cuthbert also got a cameo role in Aldi’s 2021 Christmas ad, being led away by police in cuffs.