This Easter, Aldi is challenging its rivals with chocolate puppies and luxury marbled eggs.

From chocolate popcorn slabs to rippled chocolate eggs in mango & passionfruit, coffee and honeycomb & pretzel flavours, check out what’s new in Aldi this Easter

Chocolate Puppies



Taking a page out of M&S’s Easter playbook, Aldi has launched new charming chocolate puppies – at half the price of the M&S alternative. They come in two flavours and characters: Charlie the Labrador, in marbled milk chocolate, and Honey the Golden Retriever, in blonde chocolate.


Specially Selected Swiss Mountain Egg



With Swiss milk chocolate, honey and almond nougat pieces, it includes four matching mini mountain bars. The discounter also claims it is priced 41% cheaper than the Toblerone equivalent.


Belgian Milk Chocolate & Valencia Orange Marble Egg

aldi Orange Marble easter Egg (1)


Marble patterned eggs with Belgian milk chocolate and Valencia orange flavour.


Belgian White Chocolate & Scottish Raspberry Marble Egg



Marble patterned eggs with Belgian white chocolate and Scottish raspberry flavour.


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Salted Caramel Crunch Egg



A hand-finished Belgian milk chocolate egg, front-loaded with salted caramel pearls. Caramel infused melt-in-the-mouth truffles inside the egg.


White Chocolate with Mango & Passionfruit Ripple Egg

White Ripple Egg with Mango & Passionfruit Crunch


A fruity alternative to classic Easter eggs. With mango and passionfruit crunch flavour on a rippled white chocolate egg.


Belgian Dark Chocolate & Rich Coffee Ripple Egg

Dark Ripple Egg with Rich Coffee Easter Egg


A rippled Belgian dark chocolate egg with cocoa nibs and coffee.


Belgian Milk Chocolate with Honeycomb & Pretzel Ripple Egg

Milk Ripple Egg Honeycomb Pretzel


A rippled Belgian milk chocolate hollow egg with honeycomb and pretzel pieces.


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Popcorn Slabs

Popcorn Slabs


Choose between milk chocolate with caramel and chocolate brownie fudge and white chocolate curls or white chocolate loaded with coloured sprinkles and mini eggs.


Giant Galeggsy Egg



A giant egg weighing in at 600g. With a space-themed showstopper 3D design front and a creamy milk chocolate shell.