Source: Bold Bean Co

The quartet of jarred legumes will roll into Waitrose on 18 May (rsp: £4/660g)

Bold Bean Co is launching a line of jarred, pre-cooked beans into Waitrose.

The range – which comprises Queen Butter Beans, Queen Chickpeas, Organic White Beans and Organic Chickpeas – will roll into the retailer on 18 May (rsp: £4/660g).

The products contained heirloom legumes “selected solely based on their quality and flavour”, which were sourced from Spain and Poland.

Produced “to prioritise flavour over yield” through a small batch cooking process, they offered “exceptional taste, high nutritional value and unmatched quality when compared to traditional tinned beans” with no additives, it said.

The deal with Waitrose is the brand’s first major grocery listing since it launched last year.

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As the category had been “left virtually unchanged for the past 50 years”, Bold Bean Co was “on a mission to re-educate consumers on the numerous benefits” of eating legumes, it said.

The range offered “the best of beans, with a vision to inspire customers to recognise the benefits of these legumes”, it claimed.

Bold Bean Co founder Amelia Christie-Miller said the brand “started with a bean obsession”.

“Top chefs were using them; the food sustainability set were championing them. Someone just needed to bring them into the 21st century.

“We are delighted to be the first jarred beans to enter a major supermarket in the UK, the next step in our mission is to create a nation obsessed with beans”, she added.