Anchor hopes to drive summer sales of its Real Dairy Cream range by associating the brand with the 5-a-day health message.

Under the banner Little Squirts, Anchor will be targeting mums and kids, encouraging them to use the squirty cream over fruit during summer.

The campaign's message is that cream is not unhealthy in small portions and centres on creative uses for the brand's seasonal limited edition, Strawberry Flavoured Light Real Dairy Cream, and slimmers' line Light Real Dairy Cream. A series of serving suggestions, available on promotional recipe cards and online, will encourage children to create a work of art with fruit and a squirt of Anchor cream, then upload their photos to its website.

The launch of the campaign has been timed to tap into the picnic and barbecue season. However, it is part of a wider marketing push that will continue throughout the year themed around seasonal opportunities, such as Hallowe'en.