Enjoy Organic has added frozen ready meals to its organic portfolio. A five strong range, with mainly meat based recipes, launches into freezers this month. It includes Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta Bake, Chilli Con Carne, Cumberland Pie, Chicken Tikka Masala and Penne Bolognese. The thrust behind the RHM-owned brand's launch this summer was to make organics more mass market by bringing out organic versions of everyday products such as bread, cereal and cooking sauces. The idea is also to keep a conservative price point, promising rsps no more than 20% higher than equivalent non organic products. The rsps for the frozen range are £1.79 to £1.99. Md Harriet Rhys Williams said the meat base "is unlike most organic ready meal ranges and reflects a mainstream consumer requirement. The range offers consumers an opportunity to upgrade to quality products, thereby encouraging more people to shop the fixture and existing consumers to trade up." {{P&P }}