The girls' favourite is Twister at the moment, although Rebecca is also partial to Smarties push-up lolly and Solero Shots, while Calippos are also popular, partly because they are clean and easy to eat. The girls loved the Wonka Sour lollies, especially the way their teeth and tongues ended up bright green. The sharp taste added to the appeal, while the revamped Mivvi brought back memories for the grown-ups, although the strawberry flavour was a little on the weak side. We felt that children would probably enjoy Mivvis but would not be drawn to them, while adults might find them bland. The older generation would probably really enjoy them, though. The girls were immediately attracted to the tubs with their familiar imagery, and were quick to spot them on our next supermarket visit ­ they do stand out. The Rowntree's ice cream had the most impact on opening but this did not last. The fruity sugar crunch' bits were few and far between, as was the lime jelly, and we never did find any of the raspberry jelly. The girls liked the lemon and strawberry sherbet flavoured ice cream, though. We all loved the Rolo version. It looked good and all flavours were well distributed. And the mini chocolate caramel cup Rolos inside were a real hit. It's a rich combination though, and it was easy to over indulge ­ this is one for small portions only. We saved the best for last. The Smarties tub appealed equally to all the family and the combination of crushed and whole tiny Smarties worked really well. The ice cream itself was delicious and not too rich, with a good texture. We will definitely buy this one again. At £2.79, these cost more than we pay for our usual vanilla but that didn't seen unreasonable ­ they are worth it. {{P&P }}