Asda has abandoned three-for-£10 wine deals - but launched a range of sub-£3 wines.

The retailer last week rolled out three British wines under the new Langford Crossing brand: two 5.5% abv sparkling wines, white and rosé, and an 8% abv still rosé - priced at just £2.59 for a 75cl bottle.

The launch of the British wines, which are made from imported grape juice that is fermented and bottled in Britain and, as such, can mitigate some of the effects of currency and cost fluctuations, follows the recent rollout of two new wine ranges - Consigna and Vinartis.

Comprising a shiraz, chardonnay and shiraz rose at £3.50 for 75cl, the two ranges have been sourced from Spain, the majority by its direct-sourcing arm IPL and some by Félix Solís, one of Spain’s largest producers.

Asda confirmed it had also axed its three-for-£10 offers.

A spokesman told The Grocer that customers wanted to see lower prices across the range of wine and that Asda had removed the mechanic in order to invest directly into lowering prices “day in, day out”.

“We put a lot of investment into offering three-for-£10 but we’re going to spread that investment over a much wider variety of wines,” she said.

Although falling consumption in the Spanish domestic market was allowing retailers to pick up value Spanish wine with relative ease, industry experts queried how much margin a retailer could make on wines at such a low price.